Energy healing is a holistic approach to understanding your body's energetic needs and imbalances and how to address them at the root of the issue and help keep your body aligned and healthy. It is no secret that emotions such as stress & anxiety can manifest themselves in our body in very physical ways such as acne, headaches, digestive issues, metabolic issues, heart attacks, etc. This is true for all emotions. Every emotion that we experience effects us on a biological and chemical level. When we try to "treat" these issues in our bodies, very rarely do we ever approach it as an emotional issue. This is exactly what energy healing aims to do. Energy healing uses our chakras to help identify the root cause of our ailments or mis-alignments. You don't need to know much about chakras to understand energy healing except that they consist of 7 energy centers throughout our bodies and each chakra is directly associated with the different parts & systems of our bodies. Each chakra also serves an energetic purpose. When our chakras are energetically balanced or aligned, we are healthy & thriving. When one or more of our chakras are blocked, we can experience physical symptoms of this energetic imbalance. Understanding our chakras allows us to look at our emotions as energy and evaluate how our emotions are contributing energetically to our overall well being and then address each issue at its root cause.


DISCLAIMER: This service is not intended to diagnose or treat any type of medical condition. This should not be used to replace any kind of conventional treatment for any medical issues you are experiencing. Energy healing is intended to help you better understand your body's needs and holistic ways you can help energetically  re-center and align your body.

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